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Bobby Okereke...Q & A with Steve Serby

KingBlue : 6/8/2024 5:20 pm
Our MLB is a personable guy. He is well spoken, funny, articulate and believes in our defense..."just gonna take over".

Q: Eagles coach Nick Sirianni said he told a heckling Giants fan, “We got your best player.”

A: I still see Dexter [Lawrence] and A.T. [Andrew Thomas] on the field, so I think we’re good (laugh).

Really great kid... good read.
Bobby Okereke - ( New Window )
SFGFNCGiantsFan : 6/8/2024 5:30 pm : link
Seems like a good dude. And he’s a fucking beast on the field.
Dexy, Burns, and Thibodeaux can be this generation's...  
Milton : 6/8/2024 5:33 pm : link
Earth, Wind, and Fire
Making all fields grass  
RCPhoenix : 6/8/2024 5:55 pm : link
Is an excellent thought. If only it would happen.
Bobby O is a very intelligent guy. Great interview!!!  
Ira : 6/8/2024 5:55 pm : link
Easy fellow to root for.  
solarmike : 6/8/2024 6:35 pm : link
Now and after football.
Thanks for posting  
FranknWeezer : 6/8/2024 6:51 pm : link
That was awesome and he’s got me pumped up!
Love this guy  
Johnny5 : 6/8/2024 9:05 pm : link
I wanted them to sign them after we played them in 2022. I was ecstatic when we signed him. I am so excited for this season, honestly.
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