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NFT: no thread on the Soccer game vs Brazil?

Fred-in-Florida : 6/13/2024 9:13 am
Result was a 1-1 draw.
Not sure who Brazil played (non regulars) but after the trouncing from Columbia last week this was a much better showing.
Matt Turner was terrific in goal  
Rick in Dallas : 6/13/2024 9:26 am : link
Rebounding from a awful game against Columbia
Pulisic was very noticeable in this game as well as McKinnie.
Defense kept their shape for the most part and Ream and Scully very good.
That was Brazil's A squad..  
GiantCuse : 6/13/2024 9:56 am : link
and that front line is pretty much an All-World team, huge test for the USMNT.

- Turner saved 3-4 sure fire goals from point blank, what a game from him.
- Having Scally step up as on option at fullback is huge since Dest is often injured.
- Pulisic should've had another one on a great cross from Weston.
- Really fun atmosphere at the stadium, good mix of Brazil and US fans having a great time. Fun up and down match.
- The US is a much better team than what they showed against Columbia, at worst, should've lost that game 2-1. Likely should've lost to Brazil 3-4 if not for the point blank saves by both keepers.
jomps : 6/13/2024 10:04 am : link
Went to bed early and didn't watch the game. Very disappointed at the result, especially since you guys lost 5-1 to Colombia last weekend.

It was the 11 starters, at least according to the coach. Personally, I'd trade 4 to 5 pieces on that team, but he had everyone available for the game and put on the field the ones he consider to be the best.

All in all it was a friendly and I don't expect the same results if they meet again in Copa América, but US rebounded nicely from the previous game.
Great effort by usmnt  
Darwinian : 6/13/2024 10:04 am : link
And a masterpiece set piece goal by Pulisic.
Agree about Brazil  
Blue92 : 6/13/2024 10:31 am : link
You can quibble about one or two guys but they brought out most of their big guns for this one. Nice result, although a lot of it was Turner standing on his head.
Nice rebound from the Colombia friendly.  
DCGMan : 6/13/2024 11:03 am : link
Madrid's Endrick <sigh> looks like he will be a gem.

Hate Madrid possessing Brazil's frontline over the next 4-6 years; even though, Raphinha will start during this Copa.
Fred-in-Florida : 6/13/2024 11:04 am : link
I’m a fan and have a rooting interest. But don’t know the details.
Pleasant surprise after the drubbing against Columbia  
RCPhoenix : 6/13/2024 2:19 pm : link
Weah was up and down the field, his hustle was impressive to watch. Both US strikers were invisible. Seemed as if there were several times when the US player waited too long to make the pass.
BigBlue in Keys : 6/13/2024 8:38 pm : link
Great to see you posting man! You planning on hitting the road at all this year?
Forgot it was on  
Gman11 : 6/13/2024 10:24 pm : link
Caught the second half. US basically packed it in on defense but still had a couple of great chances. Wish they could have converted.
Much better game  
D-Rod : 6/13/2024 10:56 pm : link
but damn is Brazil blazing fast.
in 1993 I had the pleasure of hanging out  
Del Shofner : 6/13/2024 11:17 pm : link
at the Yale Bowl while the Brazilian national team was warming up before playing a friendly with the USA leading up to the '94 cup.

I got to mingle with those guys. You know what? Several things. First, there wasn't a single ounce of fat on the entire team. I've never seen such in-shape athletes. Second, related to the first, looked like the all came out of the barrios and overcame a lot to be where they were. Honestly, they all had eyes like they could be killers. I wouldn't have wanted to have met up with any of them in an alley.

That's the difference between the USA and other countries like Colombia. Our players are happy to be there. Their players have overcome a lot to be there, and they are not going to give it up lightly.
RE: Freddy!!  
Fred-in-Florida : 6/14/2024 7:37 am : link
In comment 16536619 BigBlue in Keys said:
Great to see you posting man! You planning on hitting the road at all this year?

Thanks Bill! I’m doing real good a lot better than expected. Not ready to travel. Too hard to get around. With the prosthesis and a walker I’m able to get around locally, rehab, store church. Travel a little much.
Lots of Positives In This Game  
Jeffrey : 6/14/2024 8:42 am : link
Turner making saves. Pulisic becoming a factor on the left side. Scally playing solid defense against world-class opposition. Robinson returning to form on the left side and in connecting with Pulisic and McKennie. The defensive help from Weah. The return of Adams--even for a short time.A bounce back appearance for Cardoso after a rough second half against Colombia.

However, there remain enough issues with this team to question how far they can go in Copa America. Too much dribbling and not enough passing at times. Musah and Weah lose the ball too frequently trying to take on a defender.

The centerbacks are going to be a major problem as Richards is still not consistent and the old warrior--Tim Ream --remains great when he can get to the ball but too often his loss of speed creates an issue for the goalie. Problem is that as of now, no one else has staked a claim to one of these spots. The same is true for the No. 9--when will this team find its striker who can be a factor in these games. Lots of candidates but no one has stepped forward despite numerous chances.

Turner remains solid in terms saves but he also remains an issue with his distribution out of the back. It has been a major issue throughout his career.

I hope that the Copa tournament gives us an answer finally on whether Berhalter can manage this squad through a major tournament. It would be a shame to miss the opportunities there for this generation of players in the WC in two years here in the US.
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