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NFT: Adam Fox played with a partial MCL tear. My wife is dealing

Victor in CT : 6/13/2024 9:27 am
with that now, I can only imagine how difficult that was to play with.
On ice Full details of the injury that derailed Rangers defenseman’s postseason - ( New Window )
Thanks Nick Jensen!!  
Greg from LI : 6/13/2024 9:52 am : link
Dirty piece of shit that he is
Victor in CT - tell your wife  
Semipro Lineman : 6/13/2024 9:57 am : link
to spray some novacaine on her knee and get back on the ice for her shift.
RE: Victor in CT - tell your wife  
Victor in CT : 6/13/2024 10:41 am : link
In comment 16535928 Semipro Lineman said:
to spray some novacaine on her knee and get back on the ice for her shift.

LOL. I told her to put an aspirin on it!
bigbluehoya : 6/13/2024 10:42 am : link
Between this and Trouba's ankle  
Costy16 : 6/13/2024 12:44 pm : link
It's asinine that Zac Jones never replaced either in the lineup.
Nothing really new, frustrating nonetheless  
ShockNRoll : 6/13/2024 1:11 pm : link
every team still playing has guys banged up, but Fox's ability to move the puck and generate offense being compromised by this injury was obviously really detrimental to their chances. Florida was the better team in the ECF, but a healthy Fox certainly balances the scales a bit, and despite Florida carrying play, that might have been the extra jolt the Rangers needed to gain the edge in a series of tight games. While I don't believe replacing him with Jones would have made a difference, I am surprised that Jones did not make it into the lineup over Trouba who was A. Shit, and B. Hurt, in that order.
Rangers need to get bigger and tougher  
Burt64 : 6/13/2024 2:37 pm : link
at Center ice. While i like him, quotes like this make me scratch my head with #93. taken from the most recent Vince Mercogliano piece. I see his point but teams need their #1 or #1a center providing offence.

“I knew it was going to be a tough matchup,” Zibanejad said. “I just tried to create offense, and the way I'm wired, if I don't get any offense, then I want to make sure that I close it down defensively. Five-on-five, I don’t think they scored a goal against us, either. So, we kind of canceled each other out.”

Barkov’s line may not have scored on Zibanejad, who is well-established as one of New York's best defensive forwards and penalty killers, but the Panthers as a whole potted two 5v5 goals with No. 93 on the ice while out-attempting the Rangers, 147-75, and out-shooting them, 67-23. High-danger scoring chances were 26-10 in Florida’s favor, according to Natural Stat Trick, highlighting the drastic contrast in possession time and quality looks.

Link - ( New Window )
in other news  
Burt64 : 6/13/2024 3:02 pm : link

Larry Brooks
Rangers have agreed to terms with Kakko for one-year $2.4M qualifier, Post has learned. Excellent deal.
RE: in other news  
Victor in CT : 6/13/2024 3:16 pm : link
In comment 16536283 Burt64 said:

Larry Brooks
Rangers have agreed to terms with Kakko for one-year $2.4M qualifier, Post has learned. Excellent deal.

good move. now put him on 1 line and leave him there. if they are intent on Mika-Kreider, put him there early in camp and get them working together. they could use his size and forecheck. if it doesn't work they have an above average 3rd liner at a reasonable price who is physical and plays a 200 foot game.
Lindy played with  
Gman11 : 6/13/2024 4:06 pm : link
a cracked rib. You know every check is going to hurt. Hockey players are warriors.
Florida was fantastic  
ciggy : 6/13/2024 4:14 pm : link
Built for playoff hockey. they were the better team in that series.

But it would have been nice to see how we stacked up against them with a healthy Fox.

One of the biggest differences in that series was Rangers inability to convert on PP. I will always wonder what the PP would have looked like with healthy Fox.
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