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NYG 100 Part 19 - Mel Hein

truebluelarry : 6/17/2024 9:23 am
This is a good one, lots of info and there are a few clips included from past interviews I did with Darin.

Also, if you've missed any part of this series that has been going through the offseason, you can catch up here at the Pigskin Dispatch which has links to all the past episodes.

NYG 100 Mel Hein - ( New Window )
my Dad's first Giants hero. #7  
Victor in CT : 6/17/2024 9:41 am : link
I dated a girl back in the '90s who's mother was seeing a man who was the Giants dentist, Jerry something. Can't remember his last name. Anyway, said Mel was a great guy, one of his favorites of the old Giants.
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