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NFT: NFT: Croatia advice

Remdad : 7/4/2024 1:03 pm
Planning a trip to Croatia in mid-July over the course of 8 days or so: Zagreb, Split, Dubrovnik.

BBI seems to have someone (or more than one person) who knows something about everything. I'd appreciate any advice about things not to miss, places to stay, places to eat, etc.

Thank you in advance.
Zagreb, Split, Dubrovnik.  
widmerseyebrow : 7/4/2024 2:52 pm : link
Zagreb - We only went here as a base for a day trip to Plitvice Lakes, but we were pleasantly surprised to find a really nice European city. We stayed at a 5 star hotel called the Esplanade which was incredibly affordable somehow at the time. Check it out if its available. There's also a unique museum in town right next to the Church of St. Mark (a main tourist attraction that's just OK) called the Museum of Broken Relations. It's full of real breakup letters, some heart wrenching, some absolutely hilarious.

GO TO PLITVICE. One of the most amazing natural wonders you can see on this earth. Plan to be there all day and do a lot of walking.

Dubrovnik - Of course do the walk of the city walls. You can walk a little south outside of the Old Town to get a picture of "King's Landing" harbor if you watched Game of Thrones. Two restaurants that are musts:

1) Taj Mahal. Yes, a Bosnian restaurant in Croatia named Taj Mahal. Have some Cevapi (kinda like meatball sticks) and whatever else they recommend.

2) Lucin Kantun - traditional Croatian with a really nice modern presentation. Delicious.

We're planning on going again next Summer and would like to hit Split, Korcula, Krka National Park, etc.

Let us know how it goes!
Was just there a few weeks ago - Croatia is beautiful  
PatersonPlank : 7/4/2024 4:20 pm : link
Dubrovnik - definitely the old city, we actually did a Game of Thrones walking tour. The main square is clean and beautiful, no cars just for walking. The streets are like polished stones. Nice shops, restaurants, and bars

Split- was a nice surprise. We just did the old town, which is in the port area. They have some nice bars and restaurants on the harbor, and then the old town was really cool. I think it used to be a fort back in the day, so small streets full of shops.
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