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NFT: La Belle Noiseuse

Adam G in Big D : 7/5/2024 9:01 pm
How is it no one discusses this movie?
Lonk to movie - ( New Window )
probably due to  
Alan W : 7/5/2024 10:37 pm : link
Well it does say it came out in 1991  
JOrthman : 7/5/2024 10:40 pm : link
bwitz : 7/5/2024 11:52 pm : link
Could you provide more context on what it’s about?

Because Google shows what looks like something I missed on Cinemax late night years ago.
French film  
Adam G in Big D : 7/6/2024 12:54 pm : link
Subtitled, available on Tubi for free right now.

An old painter, frustrated with the painting that got away, picks a young painter's girlfriend as his new subject.

4 hour movie. Dialogue heavy. A study of relationships, change, challenging others and one self to go beyond what was thought possible versus accepting our fate.

I'm surprised it hasn't been adapted for the stage I think it would make a great play.
I have no interest in viewing filth  
gridirony : 7/6/2024 3:17 pm : link
Not filth  
Adam G in Big D : 7/6/2024 8:44 pm : link
Art. But then, these things are subjective.
It won the Gran Prix award at the Cannes Film Festival  
Adam G in Big D : 7/6/2024 8:49 pm : link
2nd highest honor that can be awarded.
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