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Giants Hard Knocks on YouTube

Jim in Tampa : 7/6/2024 10:51 am
For those (like me) who don’t have HBO/Max and didn’t see the first episode of the Giants Hard Knocks series… I just found it on YouTube and linked it below.

It’s not in HD, but you still get all the info from the episode.

I also added the YouTube link in a post on the original Hard Knocks thread, but thought it worthy of its’ own thread, since the people who missed it might miss my other post.

Typically these things don’t stay up on YouTube too long, so if you haven’t seen it, now’s the time :>)

Hard Knocks - ( New Window )
Thanks for posting  
gogiants : 7/6/2024 11:42 am : link
that was good!
It's not complete  
Matt123 : 7/6/2024 12:18 pm : link
I didn't actually watch through the YouTube link, but saw that at 29 minutes it cuts out and restarts the episode.

If anyone is still on the fence about buying Max for a month, it's linked to Amazon Prime video, which made it easier for me. No additional app, just the Prime I already use.

Thanks Jim ...  
short lease : 7/7/2024 9:25 pm : link
I love the Giants but, I am NOT getting HBO to watch "Hard Knocks"

Thanks bro ....
Dam - that was great!!  
short lease : 7/7/2024 9:39 pm : link
But, I might be biased.

; )
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