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NYG 100 - Part 21 - the 1933 Giants

truebluelarry : 7/8/2024 9:11 am
This was a bit time season not only for the Giants who had a loaded lineup with the likes of Harry Newmann and Ken Strong, but the NFL itself who took a major step forward toward modernization with rules changes to open up passing and also the structural realignment into East and West divisions and a championship game.

That championship game, played against the Bears in Chicago, was was a thrilling affair that went down to the very last paly, which the Giants nearly won with a trick play off a lateral but were foiled by a heads-up play by defender Red Grange. It is still considered to be one of the great championships in NFL history.

You can catch up on any of the previous NYG 100 videos at the Pigskin Dispatch:

NYG 100 - the 1933 Giants - ( New Window )
Back in nineteen dickity three....  
jnoble : 7/8/2024 6:25 pm : link
...we had to call it "dickity" because the Kaiser stole our word
"thirty". I chased that rascal for over dickity-two miles...
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