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NFT: My bad news

Alan W : 7/8/2024 1:25 pm
My brother, badly ailing, died at 88 in his home in the DR. We hadn't been in contact for many years, but it's a blow nonetheless. My sister called to pass along the news.
My own 90th comes up in October. I'm pretty sure I'll make it comfortably.
My Condolences  
jamalduff123 : 7/8/2024 1:33 pm : link
Sorry to hear. I hope you can lean on the positive memories of your brother.
Alan W.  
SFGFNCGiantsFan : 7/8/2024 1:34 pm : link
My condolences.
Thats such sad news.  
Bold Ruler : Mod : 7/8/2024 1:40 pm : link
Alan, sorry for your loss.
Sorry to hear this and condolences to you and your family  
GiantTuff1 : 7/8/2024 1:41 pm : link
You have some excellent longevity genes in the family. 88 and 90 plus is amazing.

Stay strong and keep going strong!
Sorry to hear about your brother  
David in Belmont : 7/8/2024 2:15 pm : link
and early congratulations on your 90th birthday.
Even if not close, always  
section125 : 7/8/2024 3:36 pm : link
sucks to lose a sibling....but intrigued by him being in the DR. Good for him!

christian : 7/8/2024 4:00 pm : link
My condolences Alan
Alan, I'm very sorry for your loss. On the brighter side, 90 will be  
Ira : 7/8/2024 4:07 pm : link
a great milestone.
as one who has lost contact  
ColHowPepper : 7/8/2024 4:25 pm : link
aka contact severed with a brother, I can relate and news of his passing must be troubling beyond the sheer fact of loss.
My condolences
Alan, I’m very sorry for your loss  
steve in ky : 7/8/2024 4:27 pm : link
Sorry for your loss  
5BowlsSoon : 7/8/2024 4:43 pm : link
Happy for your continued “good” health….or so it sounds like. Of course, I’m sure the definition of good health for a 90 year old is probably not the same for a 50 year old.
Sorry for your loss Alan...  
Chris in Philly : 7/8/2024 5:06 pm : link
RE: as one who has lost contact  
Alan W : 7/8/2024 5:49 pm : link
In comment 16549878 ColHowPepper said:
aka contact severed with a brother, I can relate and news of his passing must be troubling beyond the sheer fact of loss.
My condolences

Thank you.
My condolences and very nice to see that longevity  
BestFeature : 7/8/2024 6:13 pm : link
runs in your family.
SFGFNCGiantsFan : 7/8/2024 6:15 pm : link
As someone who is super tight with my siblings-we text every day-it saddens me to read you have a falling out with your brother. But again, my sincere condolences to you & your family.
Sorry to hear about your loss  
upnyg : 7/8/2024 6:33 pm : link
Family is family no matter the time or the past. I hope for your continued health.
Sorry for your loss...  
4xchamps : 7/8/2024 6:43 pm : link
May your family have peace through this and celebrate the good times...
Sorry for your loss.  
Giant John : 7/8/2024 6:46 pm : link
Sorry for your loss Alan  
Blue21 : 7/8/2024 7:59 pm : link
Alan W : 7/9/2024 8:02 am : link
for the many kind words.
So sorry for your loss  
MadPlaid : 7/9/2024 10:26 am : link
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