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Regarding Biggs
Anakim : 11:17 am
He doesn't have much skill, he's not flashy at all. He's a solid player who will put up 15 goals a year. It pretty much ends there. It'd be like taking Brandon Prust at #15

Have you ever
Ash : 11:18 am
seen Biggs play?

In the World Juniors
Anakim : 11:19 am
I saw some of Canada's games

arcarsenal : 11:20 am
Just admit you've seen like 5 minutes of the guy and you're basing your entire opinion off write ups you've read online. It's painfully obvious.

I have no problem admitting I've seen barely any of these guys play. Most of us haven't, it's not a big deal.

Biggs played for USA
Davisian : 11:21 am
So.. Yeah.

You haven't see enough of him to equal a hell no.

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