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"Those of you who thought that Giants players themselves credited Fewell with a scheme which used smoke and mirrors until the injured came back and the playing out of position players all understood their new roles...well you were wrong

Using the new science of JJmatics (a combination of cognitive science, reverse engineering brainwave signal processing and a new branch of exotic advanced calculus) Jersey Joe could look into the helmets of the players (even though they were on TV)and tell which ones on defense were a microsecond slower due to processing extra options versus the players on the opposing team who could see through the complexity a microsecond faster on play 47 of Game 3.

In other words, the Giants were less good at processing complexity and the other teams better at seeing through it.

Once the Giants coaches realized that the other guys were faster because our complexity was not as good as their complexity processing; we reverted to physical talent just in time

Thats the simple version for you simpletons.

In truth, some players could handle the complexity and others could not

So using quadrophonic exponential JJmatics, it was computed that the guys who were slowed by complexity were more important than the guys who were better off through complexity on enough plays that opponents who could see though our complexity were less than those slowed by our complexity

In sum, JJmatics proves that we are dumber than our opponents for complexity hurts us more than hurts the opponents...unless we dumb it down.

Here is where the genius comes in:

Obviously, if we are even dumber and dumberer as next season rolls on than we will surprise them and win back to back SuperBowls.

We should be so dumb by the playoffs that we will confuse the opponents by running only one play the whole first half and lining up backwards in a circle.

But we will not be confused and much faster because we will know very very very well the one play we will run. Even the dumbest of our dumb will be fast and sure as they run the Reverse Wonderlic

Back to Back. It is written."

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