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For over forty years, I compiled the player information used by the league office and their affiliated teams in preparing for the draft. In the 80s and 90s, I served as Chet Coppock's draft analysis on Sports Talk and published The Poor Man's Guide to the NFL Draft back then. It soon changed under the league banner to the current tome, The NFL Draft Report.
For years, those that know me see that I truly enjoy us crazy football fans, aptly titled draftniks. Long hours with my Big Blue buddies standing outside some hotel waiting for the league to let us in & hoot & holler at any Jets & Giants pick.
For the last three years, my reports were published on When I noticed they were charging folks, I decided that this year, I would put it out on a blog, for all to see for FREE.
Now bear with me there, as I am an old "Commodore 64" guy forced to use a computer (ha), so if it does not look pretty, at least I hope you enjoy the content.
And again, I am so glad to be on this forum. Why? Because in all my years, all my travels, there are only two true great football fan bases - one wears blue & the other silver & black. And with the weather warming up, I get to bring out my pinstripes!

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