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Asshat Roundup


  • NYG will move up to #3
  • NYG loves JJM
  • NYG willing to trade up, but will not surrender 2025 1st. They really want to keep #47. They would part with #70 and a day 2 pick in 2025 or player.
  • NYG wants to trade down for CB Mitchell or DT Newtown/Murphy if JJM, Nabers, and MHJ are gone at #6
  • NYG Daboll loves Nabers, will take Nabers at #6
  • NYG would pass on Maye at #6, use him as trade down bait
  • NYG would look to trade down if Odunze is there at #6
  • NYG will not trade up from #47 to take Nix, but might for Penix if they go WR at #6.
  • NYG will get a QB in the first round or not at all
  • NYG will trade for a veteran WR if they get a QB in the draft
  • NYG likes Ladd McConkey
  • CHI takes Williams at #1, WAS takes Daniels at #2
  • NE like Williams, Daniels, Penix, Nix in that order
  • MIN wants to trade with NE at #3 to take JJM over Maye
  • NE prefers MIN picks over NYG picks in a trade
  • MIN likes Maye, just not as much as JJM
  • LAC wants Joe Alt or JC Latham in a slight trade back


  • NYG if Maye is picked, NYG likely stays at #6
  • NYG Maye at #3
  • NYG has a deal in place with ARI to move to #4
  • NYG originally believed to be going for Maye or Daniels, but JJM is now a possibility
  • NYG is NOT sticking with Jones and trading back to fill more roster holes



  • NYG wants Maye if he gets to #3
  • NYG wants Odunze, not JJ at #6
  • NYG leaning Odunze over Nabers at #6


  • NYG JJM is "a real wild card"

Rickey213 (new but proven hits):

  • NYG is moving up to take a QB
  • WAS takes Daniels at #2
  • NYG talked to SF about Aiyuk
  • NE 100% takes Maye or JJM, will only trade down if they can be assured of still getting one or the other.
  • NE will either take JJM or trade down

Woodstock (new):

  • NYG wants Maye, do not want JJM

Sky King (new)

  • MIN all in on Maye
  • MIN fallback is Penix, not JJM
  • NYG views Nabers as a potential problem personality ala OBJ

Stars_and_stripes (new):

  • NYG and MIN prefer Maye
  • NE prefers JJM, lukewarm on Maye
  • NYG and MIN both trying to trade up with NE at #3, NYG has the upper hand (see below)
  • ARI will be involved somehow in the trade to ensure NE can land JJM after trade down. ARI targeting a receiver.
  • NYG surprise player may be included in the three way trade somehow.
  • Burns trade was consummated knowing NE's needs in a trade up scenario
  • NYG likes JJM too and would move up to #4 if Maye goes #3.

Giants1986 (new):

  • NYG Daboll prefers Penix

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